How to clean Brick Wall with Pressure Washer?

Brick is an amazing building material that ages gracefully through the years. It can be used for chimneys and walkways among others. Although it stands out in beauty and form, it can be slippery at times due to the presence of algae and mosses. In brick cleaning, you can use high pressure cleaning devices for as long as a professional will do them. Here are some of the steps that you can do in brick cleaning which you can accomplish yourself in no time.

Steps in Brick Cleaning

The initial step in brick cleaning is to saturate the wall surfaces before putting any type of solution. In other words, dry the wall before starting your brick cleaning activities.

The next step to follow is to mix the chemical solution that you will use in brick cleaning. Too much chemical concentration in cleaning your brick walls etched the mortar joints or even exposing the sand in the mortar.

Then, ensure the protection of your door and windows because some chemical solutions of brick clean can cause corrosion on metals. On the other hand, if the brick is heavily stained, the last option will be the removal of the brick permanently. However, there some people who want to preserve their bricks. Therefore, they opted to use steam pressures washers for safe pressure washing. Steam pressure washers utilize extreme temperature to remove heavy stains on your brick wall structure.

cleaning brick walls with pressure washer
Another alternative for heavily soiled brick walls is to use solid sandblasting that needs minimal pressure. However, they can also cause brick damage during prolonged use so, extra care is badly needed.

For brick discoloration, a suited brick cleaning mixture that has to be applied is the combination of ammonia, naphtha soap and powdered purnice. Brick pavers that are commonly used in patios, pathways and driveways can use the following substances for brick cleaning. They are power washers, bleach solutions and oil products.

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